Equipment and Capabilities

MacDonald Steel uses highly advanced equipment and skilled process personnel to provide high quality products to exceed stringent customer requirements.

From overhead cranes capable of lifting 30 tons , horizontal boring mills with 26 feet of travel, to a grit blast booth with a retractable roof (30′ x 60′ x 23′), MacDonald Steel can accommodate virtually any sized project.

The basic essentials needed to produce quality products are good raw materials and state of the art equipment. We strive to keep current with all manufacturing processes and techniques to produce a product, not only quickly and cost effectively but without compromising appearance and quality.

Cincinnati laser cutter

Laser Cutting

Macdonald Steel has two flame cutters in operation.

A Messer plasma table will cut large, heavy steel quickly and precisely with a bevel cut option.
The Bystronic laser can provide detailed cutting in mild and stainless steel with maximum accuracy.

State of the art nesting software ensures optimal material utilization for improved machine efficiencies and minimized production cost.

Located within minutes of many steel service centres, we can supply components in a wide variety of material grades and thicknesses, responding quickly to customer specifications.

Forming and Braking

MacDonald Steel can provide customers with a formed product
in virtually any shape or size.

We operate brake presses ranging from a 60 ton mechanical press to a 750 ton 4-axis press capable of forming components measuring up to 20 ft in length.

press broken part
milling machine

Boring and Milling

MacDonald Steel has a range of horizontal boring mills and vertical milling centres, offering short lead times for custom projects, prototypes and production runs.

– Many of our boring mills are equipped with automatic tool changers and can accommodate table loads up to
36,000 lb

– Our TOS floor bore features a 5 in spindle and has a travel of:
314″ x-axis; 98.5″ y-axis; 31.5″ z-axis

– Our Olympia double column CNC boring mill features twin simultaneous boring heads and travel of:
258″ x-axis; 59″ y-axis; 31.5″ z-axis


MacDonald Steel has developed a reputation for producing high quality weldments for a wide variety of industries and applications including off road mobile equipment destined for extreme working environments.

MacDonald Steel’s welding processes include SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, pulse MIG and TIG.

Many members of the fitting and welding team have over twenty years fabricating experience.

worker welding steel plates
worker painting piece parts

Blasting and Finishing

Our facility is equipped with a large grit blast booth with retractable roof and live bottom floor.

Two down draft paint booths are on site which enables us to provide total finishing capabilities.

Assembly and Installation

MacDonald Steel can manage your entire project, providing a turnkey solution. This includes assembly of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems and full on-site installation.